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Ace Media Player 2.2

Ace Media Player 2.2: Watch DivX, RM, MOV, AVI, MPEG, MP3 files in one media player with Playlist. media players has caused the common players to become bigger and more system hogging and that is what Ace Media Player tries to change, basically the popular players now come with gadgets that no one ever uses and then why not use Ace Media Player which is a raw straight to the point media player that plays your files without making coffee at the same time. And, unlike many other media players, Ace Media Player doesn`t contact the Internet each time

Elmedia Player 4.2: Play media on Mac OS X with Elmedia Player; most popular formats supported
Elmedia Player 4.2

Elmedia Player is media player for Mac as well as advanced Flash movies and video player. It supports playback of multiple formats in free version and can download online videos (including RTMP channels) in PRO. Elmedia Player features built-in web browser, so you can browse through website and watch online media without leaving the app. Elmedia Player is great for managing media files: convenient media library, usual and smart playlists, etc.

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Macgo Free Mac Media Player 2.10.11: Macgo Free Mac Media Player is best free media player for Mac OS X in the world.
Macgo Free Mac Media Player 2.10.11

Media Player is the best all-in-one media player for Mac OS X in the world. Almost all kinds of media formats, like videos, audios and photos can be played with it. Also, it can play stream movies on iPhone / iPad / iPod touch as long as AirX function available. This free media player features friendly UI, ultrafast speed, easy operation as well as high definition of up to 1080p. Macgo Free Mac Media Player can play DVD and other media formats on

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VLC Media Player For Mac : VLC Media Player for Mac OS X is a Must Have for Mac users.
VLC Media Player For Mac

media server. VLC Media Player is based on an open-source foundation, therefore, Updates, fixes, and addons are released frequently. The interface is very simple and does not have a lot of distracting features that make some media players difficult to use. VLC Media Player is a must-have application for its ability to open just about any type of video file you throw at it. VLC Media Player Version 0.8.6e • Frequent Updates • Multi Format Support

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Ace Media Player 2.8.320: Simple yet powerful freeware media player which supports 200+ media formats.
Ace Media Player 2.8.320

media player should not only be able to play all the media files in your library, but also be simple and clean. That`s where Ace Media Player comes in. Ace Media Player plays all popular media formats like a charm, with a media engine completely rewritten based on the industry leading high-level media library, FFmpeg. Thus it supports all of the media files you could ever want to play. The most popular media formats include: mkv, mp4, flv, ts, tp

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Aurora Blu-ray Media Player 2.14.3: The most powerful blu-ray media player for Windows in the world.
Aurora Blu-ray Media Player 2.14.3

Aurora Blu-ray Media Player is the best media player for PC in the world. It can support Windows systems perfectly, especially the Windows 8. As a universal Blu-ray HD media player, Aurora Blu-ray Media Player can play blu-ray HD movies on Windows, but also support any formats of HD movie, video, audio, music and photo you have ever seen, including ISO format. With DTS 7.1, Aurora Blu-ray Player can bring your PC to fabulous Blu-ray enjoyment.

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VLC Media Player Foot Pedal Utility 2009.10: Makes VLC Media Player compatible with a USB foot pedal for transcription
VLC Media Player Foot Pedal Utility 2009.10

VLC Media Player Foot Pedal allows VLC Media Player to be used as transcription software for transcription of all types of media files with full foot pedal support. To use the program, simply plug in your USB foot pedal, start VLC Media Player, open a supported media file and start transcribing. VLC Foot Pedal permits you to use your USB foot pedal to start, stop, rewind and fast forward while transcribing.

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